Local Memorial mason supplying memorials to any shape, artwork can be added,
  a scale drawing along with a complete price can be  supplied at no obligation.
  All memorials are fitted to comply with local Church or Cemetary regulations,
                           Just a few examples of my work in granite.
All polished black granite memorial black granite half og top HEADSTONE

Honed light grey granite memoriallight grey granite HEADSTONE
All polished red  granite
Red granite HEADSTONE
Light grey  granite  boulder memorial
Light grey granite boulder HEADSTONE

All polished blue pearl granite
Blue pearl granite HEADSTONE

All polished star galaxy granite

Star galaxy granite HEADSTONE

Dark grey honed granite HEADSTONE

Honed dark grey granite memorial
Dark grey granite HEADSTONE
Dark grey honed granite memorial

Honed Dark Grey Granite
dark grey granite HEADSTONE

Please feel free to contact me by email for individual prices, once I recieve details of the
memorial shape, the type of granite and the inscription or even a simple sketch showing
your requirments I can supply a scale drawing  and a complete price including the fixing
at no obligation. All my prices are inclusive of any V.A.T. 

              For pricing or enquiries please contact  pdj.hayman@btinternet.com
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